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University of Oregon

For months now, sports enthusiast have been following the excitement revolving around the University of Oregon’s new Football Performance Center in Eugene, Oregon.

This is one of the largest, most competitive, luxurious, modern, expensive, and comprehensive college football training facilities in the world. Even NFL teams are jealous! The press surrounding its grand opening continues, giving fans around the world a taste of what Oregon has to offer and making us all strain our necks for a peek inside the facility. 

In addition to the actual training facilities for the athletes, the building includes a museum of trophies, a room for championship rings, and even a display wall of mini figurines showcasing historic uniforms throughout Duck football history.

Hundreds of thoughtful details went into the making of these special designs and custom spaces, often incorporating elements of historic significance for the University and its benefactors.  


We were thrilled to collaborate with a great team of designers to create some of these one-of-a-kind exhibits. We also enjoyed the challenge of increasing the already high expectations of our clients.

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