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Dust Collection System

The first exciting upgrade for B&L this year is our new high-performance, state-of-the-art dust collection system. Working closely with City officials, we were able to ensure that all aspects of the system and installation met the city's strict standards and requirements. Integrated into this upgraded system is a spark and fire suppression unit and energy management system.


B&L has always taken pride and gone to great lengths to maintain a clean and safe work environment for the benefit of our neighbors and our employees, and now we are able to take that commitment to the next level.


The variable speed 100Hp motor will be digitally regulated by computers to monitor the precise vacuum strength needed at any given time. When fewer machines are running, auto gates close down various duct lines and reduce motor load and horsepower to half or even less, thus saving the maximum amount of energy. 

We hope this upgrade directly translates to more efficient productivity and thus even higher quality products for our customers.

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