Joe Brown Park, New Orleans

Last week we returned to the city of New Orleans to work on the Joe Brown Park renovation project.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this project, Joe Brown Park served as a community refuge for decades before being destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Since then,  Nike and the City of New Orleans, together with the Drew Brees Foundation, have undertaken a restoration project to rebuild the park and restore its facilities to the community. The renovation includes an 8-lane track, state-of-the-art football field and gymnasium with attached classroom, among other things. The goal: To encourage the community’s youth to come together and get active in positive activities such as sports. Bringing back a place for them to do this is key. 

“We will bring sport, play and physical activity back to New Orleans East,” said Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints quarterback and co-founder of the Brees Dream Foundation.  “Sports are a great way for young people to develop social skills, build confidence, learn discipline and most importantly, have fun.   Brittany and I are honored to help create opportunities for local kids to experience the benefits of becoming more physically active at a young age.”

B&L participated in Phase I of the restoration of the Joe W. Brown Park gymnasium referred to as “Victory Hall.” We worked specifically on the classroom part of it, setting up a space that will later be fully equipped with computer equipment. 


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