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Dust Collection System

The first exciting upgrade for B&L is our new state-of-the-art Dust Collection System. We were able to work closely with City officials, ensuring that all aspects of the system and installation met their requirements. Integrated into this new system is a spark and fire suppression system and energy management system. B&L has always taken pride and gone to great lengths to maintain a clean and safe work environment for the benefit of our neighbors and our employees, and now we can take that commitment to the next level. We hope that this upgraded, state-of-the-art system directly translates to better productivity and thus more quality products for our customers. The variable speed 100Hp motor will be regulated by computers which monitors how much vacuum is actually needed at any given time. When fewer machines are running, auto gates will close down various duct lines and reduce motor load and Horsepower to half or even less, thus saving the maximum amount of energy. 

Surface Planer / Sander

We will now have the ability to both surface plane and sand all in one smooth process with our new Time Saver Planer Sander. This will accommodate all the way up to 50″ wide panels and surface sand full 4′ x 8′ sheets of material, no problem. This will allow us to move faster with increased efficiency and quality, turning out better products to our customers.

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Facility Expansion (Photos to come…)

Due to B&L’s continued growth, office and shop expansion and renovations have become necessary, which began late 2015. Included in this expansion is a substantial office build-out, necessary to accommodate our ever-growing staff of experienced Project Managers, Computer-Assisted Designers, and various Support Staff. In addition, more shop space is being added to more efficiently fulfill large customer orders. For our employees, a much-needed renovation of the lunch room has been  completed. We hope these upgrades will not only benefit our employees but help turn out top-quality products to our customers in a timely manner.

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