CNC Speaks Morse code

Greg, a customer of ours recently got in touch with us regarding the final look and finished results of a major renovation he did to his Sellwood home. We made a number of custom Apple Ply staircase panels that were installed throughout the beautifully-designed home last year.   What makes these staircase panels so unique is not only their modern and sleek design, but the fact that the dot and dash design we cut into them is actually Morse code. Each strip spells out the name of a member of his family. What an original idea!   In fact, according to Greg, the AIA Design Awards Jury conducted a “comments” presentation and they showed our railing as “the most creative use of wood they had seen across all the submittals.” Check out this recent post featuring photos of the house and the panels B&L Wood Creations fabricated. The images will definitely inspire you and get your creative energy flowing if you are involved in or thinking about a similar design project in your home or business.

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